Vet Lobby software helps organize customers while allowing them to wait outside the office

Customer Queuing
designed for Veterinarians

Vet Lobby is a simple check in system that allows your customers to check in from their car using a QR code. Post the QR code on a sign in each parking spot and your customers don't even need to get out of the car. Customers are organized by time and reason for visit and shown on any staff computer.

Vet lobby lets customers check in from the parking space using a QR code
QR codes make it a touch free check in for customers. They use their smartphone to fill in a simple form.

QR Codes make it
a Touch Free Check In

By now, most people understand how to scan a QR code using their smartphone. Post the QR code anywhere to let people check in and remain outside while waiting. No need for customer to call.

  • Scan QR sign in parking lot
  • Check in using form
  • Watch waiting list
  • Reduce phone calls
  • Call Customer in with one click
  • Keep lobby clear and safe

Send a Text Message
to call the customer in

When you are ready for the customer to come in, send a text message directly from the display with just one click.

"We are ready for you!
Please come in"

Using Vet Lobby displays, staff can call customers in with a text message

Reduce Lobby Chaos

Social separation is safer for everyone. Not only for COVID but for the safety of pets. Vet Lobby extends your waiting area to your entire property.

Let Customers roam

After check in, owners and pets are free to roam outside or sit in their car. This reduces stress on owners and pets. Wait time will seem less if they can wonder.

Track and Prioritize

As customers arrive your staff would like to know the reason for visit to more effectively serve them. Vet Lobby organizes customers by time and need.

How it works

Organized Desktop Customer List

All the customers and their pet information is shown on the organized displays.
With one click on the display, staff can call the customer in using a text message
Displays provide a live look at who is waiting and who is being served.

The standard display show customers as they sign in with Vet Lobby. Staff can acknowledge, send text messages and checkout customers.

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Standard System Features

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Support
Unlimited Data
Automatic Updates
Automatic Backup
Free 14 day Trial
Monthly Subscription
Annual Subscription
Fully Encrypted
Live Displays
Daily Reports
Wait Time Reports
Export Data to Excel
QR Code Check In
Lobby Kiosk Check In
Text Questions
Yes/No Questions
SMS/Text Message to Customer

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