Vet Lobby Queuing System for veterinarians

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Vet Lobby is the easiest Customer Check In solution. Simply fill out the form and we will send you your credentials to start using your own Vet Lobby software system. If you like the system, simply click on Renew and you can pay by the month or save big and pay annually. Either way, there is no obligation to try.

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Fill out the form on this page. We will set up a dedicated database for your business and send you credentials to log in
Configure the questions you want to ask
Log in to the system and configure the system to ask the questions you want to ask at check in
Post the QR Code to Check In
Go to the Admin menu and print the QR Code. Post the QR Code to an easy location like the front door.
At this point you will have a system sufficient to evaluate if it fits your business. You can also add the kiosk but it is not required. If you have an Apple iPad to try the kiosk app, it's simple. Just download the app and connect to your system. If you have questions, you have support. Just call or schedule a training call to get the most from the system.

This System ID will be used at every login. It should be something like a short version of your company name. All lower case, No spaces, No special characters.

We use this to avoid internet bots sending fake requests