Vet Lobby Promotional Offers

Promotional Offers

One Year Free Subscription

Check In Systems is giving away free one year subscriptions of our Vet Lobby software to qualifying Veterinarian or related practices. This subscription is all inclusive, meaning you will have everything you need to get the software working for your business on day one.

  • One Full Year software subscription to Vet Lobby Software
  • 500 Text Message Credits
  • Full online and phone support
  • Offer valid Sept 1, 2023 thru Sept 30, 2023

Terms and Conditions

  1. Must be in the Veterinary or pet industry. The recipient of the free subscription must use the software for veterinary or pet industry business purposes only.
  2. 500 Text messages will be included. Text messaging is a consumable. 500 Text message credits are included with the free subscription. Additional text message credits may be purchased in the software at the standard rate.
  3. Must actively use the software each month in actual practice. The recipient of the free subscription must actively use the software each month in actual practice of business. Subscriptions found not to be active for over 30 days will be terminated to conserve resources on the servers. False or test entries do not qualify for actual practice past the first 30 days.
  4. Business must reside in the United States. The recipient of the free subscription must reside in the United States.
  5. Must agree to the standard Terms of Service as published on the website. The recipient of the free subscription must agree to the standard terms and conditions on the Vet Lobby website.
  6. Limited Time Offer. This is a limited time offer and will expire September 30th, 2023. Only subscriptions started after September 1st, 2023 and before September 30th, 2023 will qualify for this free subscription offer.

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We will extend your subscription to one year free once you get started

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Optional Parking Sign

A great way to implement Vet Lobby for your practice is to post professional parking signs with the QR code to check in. Upon arrival, customers can scan the large QR code from their vehicle to check in. Their information automatically shows on the standard display without even one phone call needed. When you are ready for them to come in, simply click the phone icon and a text message is sent to request they come into the facility.


  • 12x18" Aluminum Parking Signs
  • Metal 6' or 8' Poles for mounting parking signs
  • Mounting hardware
  • Poles to be placed in ground(8') or in buckets(6') to make them mobile

$99 Pole & Sign

Vet Lobby offers a QR code sign that allows customers to sign in from their vehicle, streamlining the check-in process.

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